Aiden and Valerie

Genre: Anal, Oral, Muscle
Aiden is so hot, we can’t keep him contained to the ACM side … ’cause the ACS girls want a crack at him too! And Aiden loves the ladies, as well. So, we let him loose with Valerie – and boy, did he have a great time! Aiden loved her big tits… he couldn’t get enough of them. In fact, the only thing that could tear him away from her breasts was Valerie’s sweet pussy. Aiden goes down on her, eating her out and sticking his finger deep inside her. She moans and writhes, loving the attention. But then Aiden got his pants off. Once Valerie saw his huge cock, as good as his fingers and tongue felt, she had to have that cock in her mouth. She sucks his dick while he massages her nipples. Moving into a 69 position, Aiden buries his face in Valerie’s pussy, while she swallows his thick cock. He moans with pleasure, telling her how amazing she tastes. I’m sure Valerie would say the same … but her mouth is completely full! “I’m gonna fuck the shit out of your pussy,” Aiden tells Valerie. And he does! Grabbing onto her breasts, Aiden pounds her hard. He stuffs his huge dick inside her, thrusting faster and faster. “Your dick is amazing!” she gasps. Valerie’s big breasts bounce as she gets fucked. Flipping over to a doggy-style stance, Aiden drills her hard. His massive muscles provide extra torque, so Valerie is getting the fuck of a life. “You want all my cock, baby?” he asks her. Valerie climbs up on top of Aiden and rides him. That position is one of his favorites and it drives Aiden crazy. He powerfucks her, thrusting up as she grinds down on him. He picks her up and fucks her up against the wall. It’s that kind of spontaneous intensity that makes Aiden such an amazing performer. He holds Valerie up and shoves his cock inside her hard. From below, it almost looks like that’s all that’s holding her up! Aiden gets Valerie back on the bed and fucks her from the side. Valerie’s delirious with pleasure. Aiden slams his cock inside her, harder and faster. Finally, he pulls out and blasts an incredible load all the way up her stomach and between her tits.

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