Anal Initiation Rights

Director:Brady Mayo
Studio: High Drive Productions
Genre: Age: 18 to 19, Anal Sex, Blow Jobs/Oral Sex, First Timers, Twinks
Starring:Kyle Baglie, Atlanta Grey, Chaz Kramer, Jake Lyons, Mikio Mendez, LT Mkay, Cody Parker, Dimitry Rasputin, Holden Rush, Caden Skie

Description:Ten cocky, fresh-faced spunk starz play-n-spray in High Drive Productions red-hot of Anal Initiation Rights. Director Brady Mayo discovers 10 horny junior jocks, and coaches them into five anal cram sessions that go balls out wild! Meet cover model Lt Mkay: cocky and verbal Israeli frat boy! Watch these pillow-biting spunk starz get initiated into anal sex! Ass up, face down while taking the big ones!

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