Blonds Do It Best

Year: 1985
Country: United States
Directed by: Richard Morgan
Studio: Hot Videos
Genre: Shot on film, All Sex, Anal, Oral, Vintage
Duration: 1:21:49
Starring: Brandon Wilde, Chris Carns, John Tracy, Lance (80s), Leo Ford, Mark Sheldon, Shawn Michaels, Ty Cashe, Christopher James (80s)

Description: Driving home from a weekend at a cabin in Big Bear, Leo Ford and Lance recount their hard dick weekend. Some copies are as short as 60 minutes. Christopher James is credited on the film but unless he is the boat renter in the beginning, he is not in the film. Later in the first scene, the shirt worn by this guy is worn by John Tracy and his red vest is worn by Brandon Wilde.
1. Brandon Wilde solo, John Tracy solo, Chris Carns solo
In the setup, Ty Cashe rents a boat to get to the lake cabin. At the cabin Lance helps Mark Sheldon put a stand up ski boat in the water and Mark takes off on it.
Brandon Wilde, John Tracy and Chris Cairns go for a walk in the woods. Silently they start to get horny when Chris whips out and strokes his pecker. The other two follow suit until they each get their own jizm flying. Almost without word they pull their pants up and move on as if nothing much has happened.
2. Ty Cashe OrgAbRr, Lance (80s) OgrAtRg
Lance is sunning himself by the lake shore when Ty Cashe’s boat runs out of gas. Lance helps by taking Ty to his cabin, stripping him, lapping his cock and ass and finger fucking him. Now that his tail is ready Lance sticks it to Ty on his back. Ty gets into his own rythm, squating on Lance’s uncut snake, until they both cum.
3. Leo Ford OgrAt, Lance (80s) Or, Mark Sheldon OgrAb
Mark Sheldon returns to the cabin and Ty leaves in a hurry with the gas can. (In the car, Lance calls Mark ‘Phillip’ but in this scene he uses ‘Mark’.) Mark warms himself up by the fire. Before you know it, Lance is out of his clothes again and Mark is warming his dick by mouth. They hear Leo arrive but Lance says not to worry because Leo will probably join in. Wasting no time Leo hands out a beer and goes down on his knees to suck the two naked guys. Next Leo sucks Mark while Lance watches but Mark is soon on all fours taking Leo up the ass. Lance jumps in again and fucks Marks mounth on the other end. Leo cums on Mark’s ass and then Mark is on his back creaming himself with Lance adding to the puddles of cum. Pictures of the three-way in front of the fireplace were all over the internet in it’s young days.
4. Leo Ford OrAt, Shawn Michaels OrAb, Ty Cashe OgAb
Leo Ford is by the fire when Shawn Michaels stops by and they have a go at each other. With Leo inside of Shawn, Ty Cashe knocks on the door to return the gas can. When Leo answers, Ty follows Leo’s still hard dick inside so that Shawn and Leo can both fuck his twinky little ass. A large introductory chunk of this scene is edited out on shortened copies.
5. Leo Ford OrgAb, Lance (80s) OgrAt
Remembering the hot sex, gets Leo and Lance all wound up again. They stop the car and go into the forest for some mutual sucking until Leo takes a whopper up his chute by sitting on it.

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