Brad Hatcher and Pepe Mendoza

Year: 2011
Country: USA
Studio: Musclehunks
Genre: Bodybuilder, solo, posing, jerkoff, jockstrap
Time: 00:36:00
Description: Sometimes big muscle is found in the most unlikely places. Handsome, huge and hard muscle dude Brad Hatcher has long assumed there are few men as buff as he is, but he meets his match when room service waiter and bodybuilder Pepe Mendoza shows up at his hotel suite door with his coffee order. Brad can’t help but notice the bulging muscles rippling under Pepe’s uniform, and it’s not long before both men strip down to their jockstraps, oil up and pose down. One thing leads to another , and soon enough these two alpha muscle dogs are fiercely wrestling to determine who’s the stronger.

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