Builders Piss Up

Production year: 2013
Country: UK
Studio: Triga Films
Genre: Pissing, Watersports, Rough, Group, Safe Sex, Anal Sex, Amateur, Fetish
Duration: 1:06:54
Starring: Chris, Adam, Dave

Description: The builders are in and some of the lads are having a beer break. After a bit of argy bargy between Dave the cocky mancunian and Chris the scouser Dave puts his money where his mouth is and dares him to taste his big dick. And what with all the beer they’ve all just necked down the lads are bursting for a piss. Young apprentice Adam is straight down on his knees and gets a mega piss-hosing from the rest of the randy crew. After that ice breaker It’s water sports all round with gushing gallons of British Builders piss and not a mug of tea to be seen!

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