Cabin Buddies Colby Jansen and Mick Stallone

Production year: 2017
Country: USA
Studio: ColbysCrew
Genre: Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Hairy, Uncut, Big Cocks, Flip Flop, Hunk, Muscle, Kissing, Cumshots, Tattoos
Duration: 00:20:41
Description: Colby Jansen has found a moment for himself. With mounds of powder-white snow serving as a pristine backdrop, he’s relaxing in the hot tub.

Sitting on the ledge of the jacuzzi, the popular hunk, in a moment of blissful solitude, has found a little downtime for a good old wank session. Jerking his rigid cock with one hand and taking-in a little nipple play with the other, he thinks he’s alone. Unknown to him though, in a peeping-tom-like manner, Mick Stallone is peering through the partially ajar washroom door, playing with his own brief-covered cock, obviously turned on by the site of a hunky Colby jerking off. When Colby notices he’s being watched, he smiles and waves his admirer into the room. Mick needs no encouragement. Happy he’s invited in and he makes his way over to the hot tub set alongside the expansive windows facing the virgin-white forest. Colby welcomes him with open arms and a rock-hard boner. Within seconds our voyeur gets on his knees and sucks passionately on his hunky friend’s stiff curved cock. Mick’s talented abilities as a cocksucker are garnering quite the favor as Colby moans more and more with encouragement. But, not wanting to be outdone, Colby shifts position and now takes on the role of the consummate cocksucker. Minutes pass and the heat in the rooms rises, the air thickens and our sex-starved duo can’t get enough of each other. Colby then straddles both sides of the tub while Mick sits in the water so his face is eye-to-eye with Colby’s hairy round butthole. Mick rims away! And, Colby’s moaning only intensifies. Once Colby’s hole is richly lubed with Mick’s saliva, the tall Mediterranean-looking stud gets up and shoves his stiff prick into Colby’s hungry crack. Colby is groaning his appreciation. Again, he then turns the tables as Mick now delivers his ass for a good thrashing. Colby fucks and pounds, getting more intense as Mick begs for it harder; he obviously can take it all. Mick is in bottom heaven. As he squeals for more, Colby can hold back anymore. He pulls out and juices Mick’s cock and hand with his jizz. Mick now takes his turn and jerks his cum-covered cock hard. He spews out his own love juice in jets, drenching his already cum-splashed tight hairy stomach.

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