Chris B and Tristan

Genres: oral, anal sex, cumshots, hairy men
Chris Bines is such a hot and sexy guy who’s so up for anything. And putting him in a room with the adorable Tristan Scott was just asking for trouble. The good kind of trouble, the kind with hard cocks, hungry holes and lots of lube.

Chris turns heads everywhere he goes with his nice tight muscular body, just the right amount of body and facial hair, and those intense blue eyes. His sexual energy could fill a room and Tristan could feel it before we even started shooting. Tristain has runway model good looks and from the sweet smile and reserved personality you would never know what a sexual animal he is. He worked Chris’ with his whole mouth and throat, getting him turned on like you wouldn’t believe. And when Chris started lapping at his nuts he just leaned back in total pleasure. Chris gently eased his hard throbbing cock into Tristan’s hungry ass and slowly begin thrusting. He picked up the pace until he was ramming his ass good and getting Tristin to hot he just couldn’t wait to cum. Then Chris got such a blowjob he shot his huge thick load all over Tristan’s handsome face.

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