Cool It Logan Moore and Sunny Colucci

Production year: 2017
Country: UK
Genre: Anal Sex, Blowjob, Cumshot, Facial, Kissing, Masturbation, Muscles, Piercing, Rimming, Tattoos
Duration: 00:19:36
Description: If you can not stand the heat .. maybe it’s time to get out of the sauna and take a dip in the jacuzzi. For Logan Moore the heat shot up in the sauna when the young was sunny Sunny Colucci decided to park his butt right next to Logan.

Sunny may look but he does not shy and as he begins to play with his cock in full view of Logan’s piecing blue eyes it looks like the the two might get it on right there and then. But Logan, the conscientious business man has to leave for work. Undeterred Sunny follows his target to the changing rooms and again tempts Logan with his schlong flopped out over his loosely draped towel. Logan can not resist and even though fully dressed and ready for the day in the office Logan follows to the jacuzzi and, like a panther with his eye on his prey, walks straight in to that water, shoes suit and all, to make A meal of this cocky flirt.

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