Year: 2012
Country: USA
Studio: CorbinFisher
Genre: Oral / Anal Sex, Bareback, Bisex, Group, Bondage, Cumshot, Strapon, Rimming, CF1702
Time: 00:26:58
Description: It’s the domination video you’ve been waiting for. Well, at least I’ve been waiting for it! Ashley and Kent make Aiden their plaything. And since Ashley’s heard about Aiden’s multiple “load capacity,” you can be sure she’s going to make sure they milk every last drop out of him!

Our buff bodybuilder totally gets into being submissive to Ashley and Kent! Some of our guys get nervous when Ashley takes control and starts dominating them. Not Aiden! He it, doing exactly what Ashley tells him to do. Aiden starts out blindfolded and is told to beg his mistress and master to abuse him. Once they start playing with his super-sensitive nipples, Ashley shoves a knotted rope in his mouth. Aiden is in ecstasy! Kent pinches Aiden’s nipples as Ashley tickles him. Ashley plays with Kent, getting his dick nice and hard., She tells Aiden he’s talking too much and that Kent needs to fill Aiden’s mouth. Kent teabags Aiden first, then shoves his dick into Aiden’s mouth. He smacks Aiden and tells him to watch the teeth. Kent feeds Aiden his cock. Ashley pushes Aiden’s head down so he gags on Kent’s dick. Ashley jerks Aiden. She pushes Kent down so he can blow Aiden. Ashley shoves Aiden’s mouth into Kent’s asshole to eat him out. Ashley finger fucks Aiden and has him suck Kent. Kent leans over and sucks Aiden’s dick. Ashley fingers Aiden even faster. Kent moves down to slide his cock into Aiden’s hole. Aiden moans as Kent fucks him. Ashley ropes Aiden’s feet together. Kent pounds Aiden. Aiden eats Ashley out. Ashley strokes Aiden’s dick. “Use that ass,” Ashley growls to Kent. Aiden shoots a huge load after begging his master for his cock. Kent continues jerking Aiden’s cock and cum keeps spraying out! Kent immediately shoves his cock back into Aiden, even as Aiden is still shivering from his orgasm. Kent and Ashley kiss, and then flip Aiden over on all fours. Kent fucks Aiden again. Ashley straps on her dildo, and takes her turn fucking Aiden. She grinds up against his ass, making him take every inch of her toy. Kent reaches around and jerks Aiden’s dick. Kent switches places with Ashley. Kent nails Aiden as he begs to be fucked harder. Ashley rolls Aiden onto his back and shoves her dildo back into him. Ashley drills down into Aiden’s ass. She has Kent come down and fuck him while she holds Aiden’s legs up. Kent pounds another load out of Aiden. Kent rams his dick back in to fuck Aiden until he’s ready to shoot. Kent pulls out and blasts his load all over Aiden’s hole. He shoves his dick back in, finishing Aiden off with a thick, wet creampie. Ashley tells him to shove it even deeper into Aiden’s hole. Whew! See why I was waiting for this?

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