Year: 2012
Country: USA
Studio: CorbinFisher
Genre: Kissing, Cumshots, Oral Sex, Rimming, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Muscules, Double Penetration, Big Dick, Blow Job, Trio
Time: 00:25:31
Description: Scott is one of the more adventurous guys we have at CF. Most straight guys are unwilling to even consider fucking another dude, much less get fucked by one. It doesn’t matter if you tell them the physical sensation is amazing, or every guy in the room tells them the same thing … overcoming a straight guy’s anxiety about taking a dick in their ass is often a time-consuming process.

Lots of times, it’s a dead-end process. Imagine then, what it takes to make a straight guy consider taking TWO dicks! Scott always tells me he’s ready to do whatever it takes to explore his sexual nature. He’s fucked and sucked everyone we’ve thrown at him. He even recruited his best friend, Campbell to come out and work with us. However, just mentioning the words “double-penetration” to Scott gave him pause. He was hesitant, and unsure he’d be able to take two cocks. I figured pairing him up with two of the guys he likes the most, Connor and Sean, would take the edge off of Scott’s nerves. And it worked! Connor and Sean get to work immediately kissing Scott. Once the clothes are off, Scott stuffs his mouth with two big cocks! Sean pushes Scott’s head down on Connor’s dick and tells Scott to choke on it. Scott lies down and Connor shoves his dick down Scott’s throat. Sean sucks Scott’s cock. Scott eats out Connor’s tight ass. Then Connor feeds Scott the whole length of his cock. Sean strokes Scott’s dick and watches. “Oh, it’s so fucking hot,” he tells Scott and Connor. Sean eats Scott out as Connor blows Scott. Sean slides a finger into Scott’s tight hole, getting it ready for his and Connor’s cocks. Connor smacks Scott’s ass. Sean lubes up to start fucking Scott. Connor makes Scott suck his dick as Sean pushes his cock into Scott’s hole. Scott moans in between mouthfuls of Connor! Connor straddles Scott, and kisses Sean, rubbing Sean’s furry chest. Sean goes down on Connor as he pounds Scott’s hole. Scott gets spitroasted by Sean and Connor. Connor’s ready to fuck Scott, now. Getting Scott on his side, he slides his huge dick into Scott and fucks him. Sean teabags Scott, then bends down to suck Scott while he’s getting nailed. Sean lies down and Scott climbs on top of his dick. Once he’s on, Connor comes from behind and slides his cock into Scott’s already-filled hole! Scott moans loudly, unable to believe he has both big dicks inside him. “Yeah, stretch that asshole,” Scott says, pushing his boundaries even more. Scott turns around to sit on top of Sean’s cock while facing Connor, who slides his dick right back in – giving Scott his second double penetration! Connor fucks Scott faster. He kisses him, thrusting his dick against Sean’s inside Scott’s ass. Scott blasts a huge load while both cocks are in him! Cum splatters on him and on Connor’s abs. Scott wants to see them cum on him. Connor shoots first, then Sean, spraying cum on Scott’s chest. I love Scott’s enthusiasm for exploring his sexual side. What can he do next? Maybe I can get Aiden to give him some pointers on multiple orgasms …

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