DUTY BOUND Peto Mohac, Ivanek Ukara and Jeremy Robbins RAW

Production year: 2020
Country: Czech Republic
Studio: WilliamHiggins, Str8Hell
Genre: Blow Job, Anal Sex, Oral Sex, Bound, Threeway, Bareback, Masturbation, Big Dicks, Uncut, Young Studs
Duration: 00:23:15
Description: A naked Jeremy Robbins is setting up his fitness bench which he then sits on and relaxes when he hears a phone ringing. He calls to Peto Mohac who rushes in to answer the phone.

He too is naked and when his call is over he takes a scarf and ties Jeremy’s hands behind his back on the bench. Jeremy complains, it seems this has happened before when Peto is horny. Ivanek Ukara arrioves, wanting to know what is happening. Peto tells him that he is about to fuck with Jeremy and invites him to join in. Peto goes off to shower and Ivanek releases Jeremy. They decide that they should actually fuck Peto when he returns. Peto has a quick shower as the others work out what they will do. Peto returns and they quickly overpower Peto, shackling to the cross. Then Jeremy hits his chest with a riding crop as Ivanek slaps him too. Then they both start to tickle Peto and he laughs as he writhes to try to avoid the hands. Then as Peto’s towel falls off his hard cock is exposed. Jeremy slaps the cock and then kneels as he wanks it. Ivanek kneels too running his hands over Peto. Jeremy takes the stiff cock in his mouth and starts to suck. Ivanek then sucks that cock too. They take turns in sucking and wanking Peto’s rock hard cock and slapping on his body. Peto’s balls are rubbed and licked too as the sucking continues. His chest reddens as it is slapped as well. Then he is released from the cross and laid on his back with his legs up. Ivanek is quick to get his big cock in Peto’s hot ass hole and he fucks so hard. Jeremy’s dick is in Peto’s mouth for sucking at the same time. Soon Jeremy and Ivanek trade places so that Jeremy’s rock hard cock is deep in Peto’s ass as Ivanek’s is being sucked. That big cock pounds Peto’s hole deep and hard as his mouth is covered and he struggles against his shackles. Jeremy spanks Peto’s ass hard as he fucks the hole. He pulls out and shoves his dick all the way in again, repeatedly. The hole stays open with the cock comes out, wanting it back inside. That sexy ass his red with hand prints after being spanked. Then Peto is moved onto his knees for Ivanek to pound his hole again. His big cock rams hard into the hot hole as Jeremy covers Peto’s mouth and spanks his ass. Jeremy and Ivanek change places again with Jeremy’s rampant cock sliding easily into the waiting hole. He grabs Peto’s hips to fuck as hard as he can. Ivanek wanks himself as he smothers Peto’s mouth with one hand. Peto’s hole takes the big dick so well and he then laid on the table so the guys can wank and shot their hot cum over him. Ivanek is first to dump his hot cum onto Peto and is quickly followed by Jeremy doing the same. Then with Peto;’s mouth still covered Jeremy wanks him until his shoots his load too.

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