Johnny and Ethan

Genre: Anal, Oral, Bareback, Muscle, Big Cocks
The last time I saw Johnny, he finally had a taste of what a dick in the ass feels like. But with a cock like his, it would be a shame to leave him on his knees for too long. Thankfully, he is always game for anything and has shown that he can both give and take a good fucking.

He seems to never run out of energy and he was going to need it for Ethan. I wasn’t sure if he’d be able to handle Ethan’s massive cock, but I was sure that he could give Ethan a hard pounding. They both started out being silly with each other… talking about something called “noodling”. I still have no clue what that is but it involves a catfish and sure does not sound fun. So I moved on to what I know is fun — seeing the reaction on someone’s face when Ethan’s cock bounces out of his pants! And Johnny’s was no different… shocked! Ethan has taken a liking to getting fucked and he likes the aggressive Johnny wasted no time. After sucking on Ethan’s uncut cock, he propped his legs up and plunged right into Ethan’s smooth hole and fucked him until they both blew their loads!

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