Jordan Thomas Gets Double Stuffed Cyrus Vaughn and Tyler Griz

Production year: 2012
Country: USA
Studio: DirtyTony
Genre: Anal Sex, Blowjob, Big Dicks, Cum Eating, DAP, Facial, Kissing, Masturbation, Muscles, Rimming, Tattoos, Threesome
Duration: 00:19:12
Description: Jordan Thomas is in the kitchen with Cyrus Vaughn and Tyler Griz, cooking up a turkey dinner. As Tyler is stuffing the bird, he starts to get turned on by the of something else getting stuffed. Jordan takes the cue and grabs a couple yams, showing Tyler he has an of his own.

Cyrus is too distracted to continue cooking and takes the guys to the bedroom, where they can do what’s really on their minds. Jordan sucks Cyrus and Tyler’s cocks while they are making out. Tyler starts playing with Jordan’s ass and pulls his pants off. He moves behind him and shoves his thick pink schlong into the round, tan ass. Jordan is getting it from both ends as he continues sucking Cyrus’ thick cock. Tyler wants some of that and leans down with his tool still inside Jordan and slurps on Cyrus. He spins the hairy stud around and dives into his ass, nose first. Licking the fur canyon from end to end, Tyler continues pounding Jordan’s hole. Jordan wants some of that hot otter ass and buries his face in Cyrus’ crack while his internal organs are probed by Tyler’s thick dick. Cyrus wants a piece of Jordan’s treasure and slides onto his back, so he can be ridden. Jordan obediently climbs on for a new ride. Thinking back about those yams, Tyler wonders if Jordan can take two cocks at one time. He slides behind Jordan and eases his cock in next to Cyrus’. Gently at first, both cocks are now stretching Jordan’s sphincter to its limit. Jordan groans happily as his asshole is spread further than it ever has before. As Tyler continues the double penetration, the three of them get louder and louder. Tyler is ready to cum and wants Cyrus to be the recipient. With his cock still inside Jordan, Cyrus opens wide and catches Tyler’s load on his tongue and chin. Jordan leans down and swaps the cum into his mouth. When Cyrus is ready to cum, Jordan kneels at the foot of the bed. Cyrus’ giant dick sprays jets of white jizz into Jordan’s mouth. Finally, Jordan leans back and let’s loose his own load onto his tan, rippled abs. Not wanting to waste a meal, Cyrus leans over and scoops up the cum and feeds it to Jordan with his finger. Jordan is happy he got double stuffed instead of that stupid turkey.

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