Joshua: Kidnapping Punk

Year: 2011
Studio: DreamBoyBondage
Genre: fetish, bdsm, twinks
Duration: 1:54:26
Description: Part 1. Joshua, an 18-year-old skater kid we’ve been following for the last week, is a perfect target for kidnapping: a loner with a hot body and a very cute face. We grabbed him last night and locked him in a dark cell, chained, gagged and hooded. Now it’s time to drag him out for some fun. Slowly cutting away his clothes reveals an even better body than we expected. And he’s still got plenty of fight.

Part 2. Joshua’s pink nipples and lean waist are so titillating we can hardly wait to see the rest of his body, but we are going to take it slow. Joshua fights and moans as his skin-tight A-shirt and the top of his equally tight jeans are ripped away, revealing a well-muscled torso just begging for the whip. His body feels even better than it looks, especially when severely spread-eagled. Now let’s remove that hood.
Part 3. Imagine: You are an 18-year-old boy snatched off the street. Now you are tied down, blindfolded and gagged, half your clothes torn away. Your kidnapper is a large man who is sexually aroused by whipping you, then caressing your muscles. He removes your gag. You try to remain calm and negotiate with him but he continues to strip and whip you and says nothing. Then he grabs your cock.
Part 4. Joshua looks up with pleading eyes at the large man with the whip and the young boy with the camera. His young brain can’t figure out what’s happening to him. Why are they whipping me? Why are they shaving my pubes when I don’t even have hair there? It doesn’t make sense. Finally, the man removes his tape gag. “Why are hurting me?” Joshua asks. “Why are you shaving me?” Then he smells rubbing alcohol. Oh God.
Part 5. “No, not my pubes!” Joshua pleads as the bottle of rubbing alcohol hovers over his freshly shaved skin. The alcohol mist on his is raw pubic area is like a million droplets of fire. Every time he thinks his suffering has peaked, it gets worse. The riding crop beats his super sensitive pits and pubes. Then the flogger whips them even harder. Then the worse news of all: It starts over tomorrow.
Part 6. Joshua still has no why he is being tortured. He can’t comprehend that his taught, muscular body and boyish good looks are the only reasons he is being bound and beaten. The boy who looks to be his age bolts him to a wall in a new room, and the man whips him up and down his back and ass, then beats his ass even harder with a brutal leather strap. He screams and begs but the man never lets up.
Part 7. “Are you letting me go?” Joshua asks anxiously as the boy kidnapper unhooks his wrists and ankles from the wall. Joshua’s hopes are quickly dashed; he’s just being turned around so his chest, abs and dick can be whipped! “No, please, no,” Joshua mutters when the man reappears with the whip. Soon his torso is bright red, his face streaked with tears. Now it’s time for the pins.
Part 8. The clothespins ringing Joshua’s pecs cause a throbbing pain that just won’t stop. “Take them off!” the boy begs when the man reappears. The man does just the opposite — attacking his navel with three more pins and lining his stomach with several more, doubling the pain he must endure. After two hours, Joshua just moans. His sobs turn to screams of agony when the man rips the pins off.
Part 9. After days of torture, Joshua thinks he might be “Please, I won’t tell anyone, I promise,” he tells the man. “Get hard for me, boy, and we’ll see,” the man replies. Joshua gets erect — and even cums for the man, who then unshackles his wrists and ankles. “Thank you!” Joshua gushes. But it’s all a dream. He is about to receive the worst whipping we have ever featured on the site.

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