Year: 2011
Country: USA
Studio: Sean Cody
Genre: Solo, Masturbation, Outdoor, sc1333
Duration: 00:14:02
Description: Keith was friendly and right from the “get-go.”
“You have a little bit of a country accent?” “I do.” And I loved his accent. He had lots of stories and I loved the way he told them. Out of the blue, he wanted to show us his incredibly long tongue. He also wanted to tell us what he does with it, and that description included using it on both guys and girls. “So, you play both sides of the fence?” “Yes I do,” he replied.

“You have a boy right now?” “Yeah, I’ve got a boyfriend … a boy toy,” he said. “And I’ve got a girlfriend.” “Wow, that’s a lot to handle,” I joked. “When I figured it out,” he said, referring to his bisexuality, “I didn’t know what I was missing out on … it was great!” He said he’s done a lot exploring, but the only thing he hasn’t done yet is get fucked. “I’m a total top,” he said. “I do like to be rimmed, though …” In his spare time, he likes to ride horses. “I’m very good at breaking and training animals,” he said. “I love it.”

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