Kenny’s Uncut Adventure

Genre: Anal, Oral, Teens
Last time Kenny and Miles played with Valerie, Kenny fucked Miles good and hard. Of course Miles wanted a crack at Kenny’s hot ass – so I put them together so Kenny could enjoy an “uncut adventure” all his own!

Both of these lean-muscled guys get very intense about sex. They kiss passionately and Kenny lays Miles down and rips his shirt open. He kisses his way down Miles’ chest, eager to get to that big uncut dick.
As Kenny sucks Miles’ cock through his underwear, Miles sucks Kenny’s fingers. These two are heating up the room. “Oh my god, your dick is so big!” Kenny says. Miles enjoys the blow job and sits up to watch Kenny work on his cock. Kenny plays with his dick through his underwear as Miles tells him over and over how good Kenny’s mouth feels on his cock. Kenny pulls his cock out of his underwear and feeds his cock to Miles. Miles swallows Kenny’s cock deeply, as he strokes his own dick. Kenny smacks Miles’ face with his cock and sticks his dick back in Miles’ hot mouth for him to suck. Miles jerks both of them and for a minute I think Kenny’s going to shoot right there! Miles is turning him on big time. He asks Miles if he’s ready to fuck – and Miles jumps up, raring to go! Kenny leans over the bed, offering Miles his tight ass. Miles shoves his cock in deep, making Kenny moan in ecstasy. Miles pushes in faster and faster, as Kenny hangs on to the bedspread. Miles tells Kenny how good he feels inside. Then he tells Kenny to ride his cock. Kenny climbs up on top, his own dick standing up rock-hard as he slide down onto Miles. Kenny rides Miles in a reverse cowboy. Miles reaches around to jerk Kenny’s dick. He can’t believe how tight Kenny feels. Miles gets Kenny on his back and dives back inside that hot ass. Holding Kenny’s legs up, Miles pounds him. Kenny’s abs tighten as Miles thrusts in and out of his hole. Kenny strokes his cock as Miles fucks a huge load out of him! After Kenny sprays cum all over his abs, chest and arms, Miles keeps drilling him. He pulls out and blasts his load all over Kenny’s stomach and chest.
It’s one adventure Kenny and Miles won’t forget!

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