Levi and Sully

Year: 2012
Country: USA
Studio: SouthernStrokes
Genre: Kissing, Cumshots, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Flip Flop, Masturbation, Tattoos
Time: 00:19:30
Description: I have to give a little background on how this video came together. Sully was hanging out at the Ranch for the weekend along with Levi and a few other Southern Strokes models.

Sully did a solo for our camera a little earlier in the weekend and I really didn’t expect him to do anything more. Sully hasn’t been out of jail for to long so he is still a bit cautious. I can honestly say that when Sully approached me and said that he wanted to do a video, I just about fell over when he said he wanted to hit it with Levi. Levi might have been the last person I paired up with Sully. Sully is so quiet and mean that I figured that he just wanted to give Levi a pounding so that he could get off and still be ok that he had just fucked a guy. What actually happened floored us all. As soon as we turned the cameras on, Sully turned into a different person. The two naked studs swapped blow jobs with Sully clearly edging out Levi with his cock sucking skills. Sully slapped on a condom and entered Levi the two kissed long and hard. Sully had let himself go at this point and he was enjoying ever bit of Levi. Sully kept going back to Levi’s enormous hard cock so it didn’t surprise me when he asked Levi to fuck him. Sully got on all fours as Levi slowly entered his tight hole. With Levi’s big swollen cock in his hole, Sully went to a place that you rarely get to see. Levi finally shot his juices all over Sully’s cock, balls and stomach to finish off this hot fuck session with a nice laugh.

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