Matt B Nathan B and RJ group exploits

Production year: 2008
Country: UK
Genre: Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Orgies
Length: 00:37:42
Description: At last it’s here! You see, the lovable Nathan B and I have been having conversations about him getting double fucked ever since we first met. But I knew the combination of cocks, bodies and personalities would have to be just right in order for the film to work … and so we waited.

Then Matt B came along and hey, it just seemed perfect to throw RJ in to the mix too! And if I say so myself, this one has it all – literally.
These three hot guys totally hit it off straight away and it was clear that they were all very eager to have a fun and horny sexual adventure together! Kissing soon gave way to some serious cock sucking with each guy pleasuring their playmates to the max. As the intensity rose, rimming and arse exploration followed until the guys were at their very lustful best and eager to fuck and get fucked! And that’s exactly what happened. RJ took the lead and slipped his rock hard cock deep into Nathan’s arse but Matt wasn’t left out. Oh no, he took turns in getting his dick sucked by RJ and Nathan before he moved round and fucked RJ’s arse while RJ fucked Nathan’s arse! After an awesome chain fuck Matt and RJ spit roasted Nathan in turn (!) And then finally, both Matt and RJ slid their meaty cocks into Nathan’s greedy hole and double fucked him until he could hold off no longer and shot his creamy load But Nathan still wasn’t done – he wanted a nice double facial. Hold on, there’s even more! If you’re not totally exhausted after watching this awesome fuck-fest then there’s also a really funny 10 minute bonus film to enjoy too!

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