Milo Sommers and Nicco Sky

Genre: Anal, Oral, Bareback
Milo Sommers has been dreaming about Nicco Sky, especially his sexy bubble butt. And now fantasy is going to become reality because Milo is gonna actually get a piece of it. Hawaiian hottie Milo is shown how it’s done with Nicco’s talented mouth wrapped around his hard dripping cock, and then has to try out what he’s learned.

Nothing like a little oral action to get things going. But Milo just couldn’t stop staring at Nicco’s muscle, not to mention that adorable face, and he just had to pound his ass. This video goes from oral to hardcore real quick as Milo slides his throbbing boner deep into Nicco’s hungry hole. And you have to see how he throws Nicco’s legs up above his head so he can get easy access to his sweet manhole. And Nicco’s delicious honey brown complexion is the prefect backdrop for Milo’s creamy white jizz as it splashes all over his chest.

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