Nick Moretti and Ryan Raz

Genre: Anal/Oral Sex, Bareback, Men Over 30, Bear
This week we have a little razzle to dazzle you this week as Ryan Raz makes his debut here on MenOver30. Ryan is a familiar sight on our brother sites and we’re sure you will come to love this hot, blue-eyed hottie just as much. Ryan is now 26 and living in the Big Apple. Back for more mayhem is inked daddy, Nick Moretti. Nick is originally from New York and now calls Florida home. Nick just turned 47 and looking hotter than ever. They are both avid travelers so we asked them what their biggest pet peeves are while traveling. Ryan hates stupid people. There’s a bumper sticker in the making. It’s those people that can’t seem to follow simple instructions that can make getting through security a pain in the ass. On that note, Nick’s pet peeve is TSA in general since he travels a lot to do BDSM (Bondage/Discipline Sado Masochism) shoots. He travels with whips and chains and rather large toys so they always go through his luggage and rearrange his luggage leaving all the dildos on top. We then asked them if they could live/work anywhere they’ve visited where would that be. Nick is torn between Florence and San Francisco. Ryan is sticking with New York. When I land it feels like home; there’s no place else I’d rather be. Well we know of at least one place he might wanna be under Nick.

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