Pounded Pretty Boys Tristan Adler and Paxton Ward

Production year: 2019
Country: USA
Studio: 8TeenBoy
Genre: Bareback, Oral/Anal Sex, Cumshots, Rimming, Flip Flop, Teens, Twinks, Masturbation, Big Cocks
Duration: 00:21:54
Description: Looking like the love child of Brad Pitt and Cindy Crawford right down to the beauty mark, newcomer, Paxton Ward could be the ultimate pretty boy!

Naturally, we paired him with fellow beautiful babe, Tristan Adler. So, brace yourself for pretty boy over LOAD! The attractive lads take their time breathing one another in at first with some sensual kisses, and fuck me boy foreplay. Our more experienced superstar takes the lead, and heads down to do some dick licking damage of Paxton’s perfect piece. After releasing the dude’s diamond hard dick from his sexy black Calvin’s, Tristan takes every inch in, tickling his tonsils as he reaches the root. Ward unbottons his blow job boy’s jeans and gulps down Tristan’s towering totem. Adler grabs pretty boy by the back of the head, and ducks that beautiful face like a bad ass beast! Ward wet that wick perfectly, and now, Tristan wants a taste of Paxton’s prime piece of ass. He gorges on the gorgeous guy’s grade A gape like the gourmet meal it is, until Ward looks back and asks for a fucking the cock cam catches the ass stretching action as Adler invades the newbie’s booty with his beefy bareback boner. Adler amps up the pound perfectly, heating up the hottie’s hole till the sweet sound as balls smacking butt fill the bedroom. Tristan isn’t gonna let this lay pass without taking Paxton’s Raw gig for a ride. He squats his sexy seat down on the dude’s delicious dick, swallowing every inch, and then, rides that cock like a carnival ride! Adler’s been working out. And it definitely shows as his tight twink muscles ripple while he rides. He plants a kiss on Pax, then plants his piece back in the boy’s backside to finish what he started. Tristan uses his thick bubble butt muscles to bang his boy wide open as Ward wacks off, getting closer and closer with every hard thrust. Paxton’s chiseled six pack crunches as he climaxes, ejecting erotic pleasure all over his shredded torso. Adler pulls out and absolutely annihilates the newbie all the way up to his neck neck with white hot naughty boy nectar.

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