Raunchy Sex Rudy Bodlak, Ludvig Hofta and Roman Ditrich

Date: 2012
Country: Czech Republic
Studio: WilliamHiggins
Genre: anal, condoms, domination, kinky, oral, threesome, uncut
Duration: 0:32:41
Description: Rudy Bodlak came together with Ludvig Hofta and Roman Ditrich for a great scene. It starts with Ludvig sitting and eating.
Rudy arrives, dragging with him his resident slave Roman.

Rudy sits down with Ludvig and Roman is made to kneel on the floor. He is thrown some scraps of food and forced to eat them. Ludvig and Rudy play a game, with dice, to see who gets to do what to Roman. Ludvig starts by kissing him and then pulls out his hard cock while Rudy forces Roman to suck it. The Rudy pulls his cock out and Roman has to suck on that too. Next Ludvig bends over and exposes his ass for Roman to rim. Rudy makes sure Roman does it properly and then he bends over to suck on Ludvig while Roman eats his ass. Roman is then made to suck each of the guys in turn before he is laid down so that Ludvig can suck on his hard dick too. The guys all get completely naked and Roman is sucked more by Ludvig. At the same time Roman’s ass is rimmed by Rudy. It isn’t long before Rudy is fucking that tight ass, pounding away at it. They change position, with Roman sitting on Ludvig’s throbbing cock, leaning back so that Rudy can sit on his cock at the same time. Roman is the filling in the sandwich, as they do a threeway fuck. Ludvig fucks nice and hard into Roman’s ass, driving his cock up into Rudy’s ass as well. Then Rudy stand and wanks in front of Roman’s face, while Luvig continues to fuck him. Ludvig is ready to cum though and blows his load over Roman, who dutifully sucks him dry. The Rudy dumps a massive load of cream on Roman too. Again Roman sucks him dry. Rudy then leaves his slave in the care of Ludvig, for who knows what …. This is a very good scene indeed. I am sure I will watch it many times.

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