Rough Stuff with Drew Cutler and Matthew Singer

Genre: Anal, Oral, Bareback
We’re just guessing, but based on the look of things, Drew Cutler and Matthew Singer have never been told to “play nice.” When these two studs hook up, they are rough and they are ready from the start. There’s lots of dirty talk, ass-slapping, and dick-sucking. Drew takes charge, slapping the head of his cock against Matthew’s open mouth before going all the way down on his “boy.”

He slides Matthew over the edge of the bed to tongue that tight hole before placing him in a position that would do Cirque du Soleil proud! Of course it’s all mere preparation for what’s to follow. A handful of lube later, Drew’s pole is greased up and Matthew is riding it like a fucking bronco! Matthew’s back and forward moves indicate it’s a helluva good ride for both men. Drew’s manly grunts and groans are the perfect score for this action film. Like any good “critic” we won’t spoil your fun by telling you the out-cum.

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