Take One for the Team

Year: 2003
Country: USA
Genre: Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Muscle, Big Cock, Rimming, Group
Length: 2:10:27
Starring: Todd Winters, Andel, Toby O’Connor, Jason Ridge, Justin Wells, Sean West, Cody Scott, Eddie Stone

Description: Fans of jock-boy, locker-room-fantasy sex, look no further! keeps it simple in Take One For The Team, with each segment built around a sport – football, wrestling, soccer, swimming. And it’s the swimmers that run away with the gold. The closing scene between Jason Ridge and new Rascal exclusive Eddie Stone is 40 minutes of pure energy. The chemistry is intense from the opening shots of them glancing at each other in the shower-rubbing their bulging Speedos-to the closing cum-shots. We’ve never seen Ridge’s dick look more gorgeous, and Stone slurps it up, deep throating it time and again, then beautifully working both balls. Ridge returns the favor, staying hard the whole time, and then rubs their two dicks together before the two fuck each other-watch for the great penetration shots, especially when Ridge enters Stone for the first time. Stone fucks back with Ridge draped over a bench, his hard dick pulled back and gloriously resting over the edge. The cumshots are followed by some nice stroking by both men, who touch their dicks together and jack them as one, then kiss. Hot-dick Todd Winters is in two scenes; his threesome with Toby O’Connor and Justin Wells is especially good. Even fully clothed, these three produce sparks just grinding up against each other. Wells in particular appears to be having a lot of fun; we loved looking at his eyes and face throughout the whole scene.

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