The Conquest

Studio: Falcon International Collection – Falcon Studios
Director: Steve Kiraly
Genre: Fetish, Euro, Muscles, Uniform, Anal, Safe Sex
Stars: George Vidanov, Janos Volt, Robert Balint, Adam Gosett, Jason Lucian, Jose Ganatti, Stefan Stano, Istavan Hogyes, Nikolas Kiss, Franco Corsini, John Valko, Marko Pacyna, Jozsef Kovacs, Joe Calderon, Fernando Lizalde, Krisztian Laszlo, Victor Antoni, Mihal Laszlo, Petr Halasz, Krisztian Szabo, Akos Schiff, Attila Pagonyi

The Conquest is a lavish costume drama complete with (unnecessary)subtitles, gorgeous costumes, breathtaking men, and heart stopping sex. Many of the names in the cast will look familiar because you have seen them in all of their glory in recent Falcon International flicks. However, there is nothing stale or retread to be found here.

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