The Haunting

Production year: 2013
Country: US
Director: Jake Jaxson
Studio: Cocky Boys
Genres: Muscles, Anal, Boyfriends, Safe Sex, Oral
Duration: 2:35:53
Cast: Dillon Rossi, Ricky Roman, Dale Cooper, Jake Steel, Christian Wilde, Arnaud Chagall, Max Ryder

Description: Capturing the heart and soul of a forbidden love torn asunder, The Haunting weaves a tale in two timelines: A both pleasant and shadowed past coupled with a phantasmal present. Jake Jaxson’s psychologically and erotically charged film begins with boyfriends Dillon Rossi and Jake Steel on a weekend getaway that leads to a mystically sexual encounter with an unknown presence. While sated, the couple is skeptical about the experience and cuts their trip short. However, when their friends and family don’t hear from them, PI Dale Cooper is hired to investigate their disappearance. Cooper finds more than he’s bargained for as looking for the boys leads him to delve deeper into the intricate and somber past of the house’s original owners. Described by gay adult industry insiders as one of the best gay porn ever and a new genre of gay male erotica, The Haunting is an elaborate story that combines thrill, fear, suspense and erotic energy to portray an epic about how love and loss can traverse time and space.

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