The Powerfist Trilogy 3 PowerSurge

Year: 1999
Country: US
Directed by: Chris Ward
Studio: Club Inferno, Hot House Entertainment
Genre: Muscle Men, Hairy Guys, Daddies, Butt Play, Fisting, Watersports, Anal, Oral, Threesomes, Dildo, Bears
Duration: 1:09:35
Starring: Mack Kurtis, Bobby Black, Tom Vaccaro, Jason Anderson, Sean Erickson, Harley Mancuso, Eric Lawrence

Description: Fisting videos. They’re like buses. You wait all day then five come at once. This is the closing part of The Powerfist Trilogy. (It began with Powerfist and continued with Powerhole.) If you are familiar with them, you’ll be drooling into your jockstrap when you hear it’s finally available in the form of a “Special Edit” – in other words more material. If you are unfamiliar, you’ll be happy to note it’s not too late to jump aboard the Good Ship and enjoy the sight of the usual hairy scary guys doing unspeakably un-Christian things to each other’s rectums, in all manner of unspeakably unfeasible ways. And so, we draw the curtain on Powersurge and The Powerfist Trilogy trilogy. Chris Ward has honed his talents on other projects since, and even though this isn’t top-notch material, time and time again he’s proved that even his poorest offerings are miles above many other directors working in the same field. The fact that this is very raw is an added bonus though, and it would stand well as an independent title. It’s just a shame that it’s connected itself to the other two, bringing on unfair comparisons that drag an otherwise accomplished fist-flick down a bit. But only Coppola could make Godfather III, if you catch my drift.

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