Date: 2011
Country: United States
Genre: Anal / Oral Sex, Riming, Bareback Sex, Blow Job, Big Dick, Cumshots, SiteRip
Length: 00:18:26
Description: Travis continues his recent reign of topping everyone he can– and this time he’s going to plow Cameron with his big dick! The guys come into the house, and by the time they hit the sofa, they’re all over each other. Cameron opens Travis’ shirt to kiss and lick his nipples.

Travis is quick to get Cameron’s shirt off and rub his tight body. It’s hard to believe it wasn’t that long ago when Cameron sucked his first cock. As he pulls Travis’ cock out of his shorts and into his mouth, it looks like he was born to suck dick!Travis feeds Cameron his cock and then Cameron sucks Travis’ balls. Cameron’s stiff dick is ready for Travis, too! Travis swallows the head and shaft, then deepthroats Cameron’s cock. The guys break to kiss. Travis decides he hasn’t had enough dick yet and goes back down on Cameron! Travis then bends Cameron’s legs over his head and starts eating out his tight asshole. “Ready to get fucked?” Travis asks. Cameron says he is. Travis fingers Cameron’s hole, then licks it. He spits on it, then teases Cameron by sliding his big cock along his crack. I never get tired of watching Travis’ technique! It must be that since he’s such a great bottom, when it comes to topping another guy, he knows exactly which buttons to push … and push hard! Cameron moans as Travis slams his big dick deep inside him. “You feel me?” Travis asks. Cameron’s face says it all. He gasps as Travis pounds him harder. Travis holds Cameron’s feet high, so he can sink every inch of his big cock all the way down into Cameron’s ass. “I love that fucking dick,” Cameron says. Travis smacks his ass and gets Cameron to sit on top of his cock. Travis drills up inside Cameron’s hole. Cameron’s dick is rock hard and bouncing up and down as he gets fucked. Cameron strokes his cock as Travis fucks him. He has to stop at one point, ’cause it looks like he’s going to blow – and he doesn’t want it to stop! They move into a doggy-style position. Travis slides his big dick back inside Cameron. After only a few moments, he fucks an explosive load out of Cameron, that lands all over the sofa! Travis starts jackhammering Cameron even harder, then pulls out and blasts a huge load all over Cameron’s back! The guys kiss. We’re going to need a few extra towels to clean up after this one!

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