A Few Good Men (1983)

Produced by Al Parker and directed by Steve Scott, “this film wins the prize for best treatment of two common gay porn themes: the repressed sexuality of an all-male military setting [including authentic costumes and underwear] and the thin line between fantasy and reality. Scott’s style is at its most poetic, in both image and sound.” Philadelphia Gay News. The first scene, in which an unhappy-looking young recruit gets his head shaved and his mouth filled with dick, sets the tone for this seven-vignette film, as various soldiers, captains and military police fuck and suck to the tune of discipline and obedience.

Also, this themed video is a delight for the cock connoisseur, featuring good cocks with good cock-suckers. Recruit Lee Ryder shoves his big, 10″ dick up his drill sergeant. In an episode called Taps, a pretty blond recruit is saying goodbye to his buddy at the bus station when he imagines a roll in the hay, and literally ends up in the hay, sucking his hometown buddy off before detailed coverage of anal sex and they ending in simultaneous orgasms. At first silly, another segment has a probing doctor checking out testicles, cocks and asses of five men. The scene gets better once the doctor ends up leading a horny six-man orgy. Highlightsinclude a fat, skinned cock stuck through a bunk bed (in Scott’s infamous glory hole style) and Michael Christopher as a gun-totting M.P. Crisp photography, realistic undergarments and uniforms, huge and hard meat with foreskin, and hard-bodies in action abound! Professional sets and handsome men who look like they really could be recruits also make this video worth seeing. Monotonous progression and such things as fog effects are easily overlooked once the dicks pop out of boxer shorts! A BIJOU VIDEO exclusive also featuring Mike Mueller, Peter Wade, Peter Barrie and Greg Johnson. 1983, 80 min. No Condoms. One of the more popular fetishes within the gay community, the military theme has rarely been handled better in hardcore pornography than by the late great Steve Scott, who passed away from an AIDS-related illness in 1987. Among the all male side of the industry’s pioneers, kicking off with 1974’s groundbreaking TRACK MEET (a 16mm gem long believed lost until resurrected on video some 15 years down the line) starring poet Gavin Dillard, Scott has crafted several of the genre’s most universally acknowledged like the labyrinthine love story SCREEN PLAY and the ironically subversive I DO ! Though slightly hampered by minor production shortcomings, the narratively pared down A FEW GOOD MEN most definitely belongs in that illustrious line-up. Most of porn’s army-based sagas tend to lose points through sheer sloppiness, casting performers who could never pass muster as new recruits because of hairstyle or inappropriate behavior. With the possible exception of a fortunately “straight acting” bleach blond, Scott’s casting choices prove spot on. Right away, I will admit that I’m at a loss to most of them. Al Parker’s then fledgling and presumably therefore rather cost-conscious production company Surge Studios, which would go on to cater to a whole range of frequently mind-boggling fetishes, merely provides a single title card listing performers. Picture credits would have helped no end, as most of them were never to resurface in anything else. Two exceptions thankfully. Lanky Lee Ryder made quite a splash around that time, mainly due to the size of his toy, landing him a part in Ronnie Shark’s appropriately named THE BIGGEST ONE I EVER SAW. He’s the guy in the bunk bed fantasy (you’ll know what I mean if you have seen it) who later gets to stick it to his Hispanic superior in the “Get Down and Give Me Ten” episode. Superstar Michael Christopher (unforgettable in Tom De Simone’s scorching SKIN DEEP and Arthur Bressan’s masterpiece PLEASURE BEACH) plays the MP who captures the soldier who went AWOL. In seven segments, Scott explores just about every possible permutation of the military fantasy, from forced head-shaving to medical exams turned orgies. The sex is in his typical down ‘n’ dirty style, with serviced performers not always reciprocating the bestowed favor. Every realistic set-up segues into fantasy. Awkwardly, this transition is accomplished through the use of a smoke machine which gets silly quite fast. Hilarious highlight is the romantic parting roll in a hayloft between two lovers when one is about to enlist, with the billowing smoke giving the impression the barn’s burning down! Luckily, this is just about the single drawback to an otherwise exceptional piece of pornography that boasts strong sexual performances, believably grungy settings (in actuality a San Francisco bath house) and crisp photography by Tom Howard who shot several of Scott’s mid’80s ventures.

Production year: 1983
Director: Steve Scott
Studio: BijouClassics, SurgeStudios
Genre: Bareback, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Big Dicks, Rimming, Hairy, Classic, Uniform, Military, Group Sex, Masturbation, Cumshots, Muscle, Rimming, Vintage
Duration: 01:13:46
Starring: Peter Barrie, Michael Chistopher, Greg Johnson, Mike Mueller, Lee Ryder

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