Aiden’s Triple Load 5

Year: 2012
Country: USA
Studio: CorbinFisher
Genre: Anal / Oral Sex, Big Dick, Blow Job, Muscles, Cumshots
Time: 00:20:15
Description: It’s gotten to be a competition among some of the guys here – who will be the one to make Aiden – muscle power bottom and multiple cummer-extraordinaire – shoot more than three loads first?

Reece takes his turn at bat – and while he hits another triple, that home run stretch eludes him. Reece goes out after Aiden’s most sensitive spot – his kryptonite, if you will – his nipples. He licks and bites down on them, making Aiden shiver. He sucks Aiden’s huge dick while stroking his own thick cock. Aiden wants to taste Reece’s cock. He swallows Reece’s dick, licking it and slapping it against his tongue. Aiden licks Reece’s balls and fingers his own ass, getting it ready for Reece’s cock. Reece slides his cock into Aiden. Reece fucks Aiden doggy-style. Aiden jerks his cock while Aiden thrusts in and out. Aiden shoots load Number One onto the bed. Reece keeps fucking Aiden, turned on by making Aiden cum so quick. Aiden lies on his side. Reece plunges back in, fucking Aiden even faster this time. Another load blasts out, this time on Aiden’s abs. Aiden tells Reece to keep fucking him. Reece keeps plowing Aiden. The guys kiss, and Aiden keeps one muscular leg propped up on Reece’s shoulder for support. Aiden shoots his third load! Now, Reece is about to shoot. He pulls out and blows all over Aiden’s stomach, chest and even in his face! The guys grab a shower and talk about Aiden’s load capacity. Another hot scene. But I am starting to wonder … can anyone make him shoot more than three loads? Email Pete and let him know who you think could make Aiden cum four times – and if you think it’s even possible. I sure hope so!

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