Airport Security 19

Production year: 2017
Country: Czech Republic
Studio: WilliamHiggins
Genre: Blow Job, Anal Sex, Muscle, Uniform, Big Dick, Masturbation, Uncut, Young Men
Duration: 00:34:35
Starring: Dale Madden, Martin Polnak, Peter Lipnik, Petr Zuska

Description: Boda Gold is in charge of Airport Security. Martin Polnak is sent in to see him. Martin provides his ID but needs a visa, apparently. A discussion ensues about how he can get the visa, which ends up with Boda having to give him a full examination. Martin stands and Boda begins to feel all over his body. Then Martin removes his tee shirt and is told to remove his jeans too. Not wearing underwear that leave him naked before Boda. He complains as Boda feels all over, grabbing cock and balls. Boda bends Martin over and starts to inspect his ass too. Martin keeps complaining, but the threat of jail seems to make him compliant. Soon he is sucking on Boda’s big, thick cock. Boda grabs his hair and pushes the head onto his fat cock. Martin takes it all the way into his mouth, gagging on it. As his cock is being sucked Boda strips off. Martin licks the balls as he sucks on the hard cock. Then he is bent over the table and Boda fingers his tight hole. Martin moans loudly as his ass takes the finger deep, getting it ready for more. Then Boda’s dick slides into the tight hole and fucks deep and hard as Martin keeps moaning. The cock slams in and out of the tight hole, fucking it deep. Martin takes it, but moans the whole time. His ass is spanked too as the dick fucks him deep. Then he is turned, to lay on the table and Boda rams his cock back into the ass. He fucks it hard, as Martin takes hold of his own cock and starts to wank it. Boda keeps pounding the hot hole as Martin wanks himself. Soon Martin shoots his hot cum onto his belly as Boda’s dick is deep inside him. The cum covers his belly and Martin milks the cock dry as Boda keeps fucking. Then he pulls out and pushes Martin down to his knees. Boda wanks his big cock and shoots the cum over Martin’s handsome face and his body. Then, having completed his inspection he leans forward and kisses Martin.

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