AIRPORT SECURITY Radek Pozer and Alan Doux RAW

With Radek Pozer in charge of Airport Security Alan Doux has reason to be worried. He has been detained, suspected of theft. Radek comes in, carrying Alan’s backpack. He says he has found stolen camera in the bag. Alan admits the theft and Radek says he must search him and then call the police. Alan is told to undress, and does so. He is naked as Radek says he will call the police. Alan is keen to avoid the police and says he will do anything.

That inspires to drop his pants and get his fat cock sucked. Alan drops to his knees and starts to suck on the big cock hoping he will avoid police action. He sucks on Radek’s huge cock as it swelss in his mouth. The big cock gets rock hard as it is sucked. Alan sucks on the balls too as Radek wanks himself. The cock is fucked into Alan’s mouth more too. Then Alan kneels on the chair, presenting his ass. Radek eagerly slides his huge cock into the waiting hole. He fucks hard into that hot ass hole, going balls deep. Pulling out he shoves the massive cock back into Alan’s hole. Alan takes it so well too. Radek thrusts hard and fast into Alan’s hole. Radek loves that hole and fucks it hard. He moves Alan onto the desk, laying on his back. Then he pounds that hole more as Alan wanks himself. The huge cock stretches that hole wide as Alan wanks hard. Soon, with the dick up his ass Alan shoots his load. Then Radek pulls out and shoots his hot cum all over the hot body. Radek rubs the cum over Alan’s body, grabbing his dick and tugging it too.

Production year: 2023
Country: Czech Republic
Studio: WilliamHiggins, Str8Hell
Genre: Blow Job, Anal Sex, Oral Sex, Uniform, Young Studs, Bareback, Masturbation, Big Dicks, Uncut, Cumshots
Duration: 00:16:25

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