Alex Orioli and Jacques Briere

Year: 2009
Country: Slovakia
Studio: BelAmiOnline
Genre: Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Rimming, Cumshot
Length: 00:20:09
Description: In this video Alex seduces Jacques in the park with his rollerblading skills.

They head back to Jacques’ apartment and have a great flip-flop fuck. These two Euro twinks are truly versatile, as happy to give as they are to receive, and after some hot face -fucking they both take it in the ass.

The pace never lets up in this gay porn movie and these young twinks are on fire. They’re so sexed up that they cum twice, and it’s a lot of cum! Gorgeous Jacques gets a mouthfull of sticky twink juice the second time. Alex Orioli and Jacques Briere in this 20 minute flip flop scene. Both guys show us how versatile they are in bed, being both excellent tops and fantastic bottoms. Lukas Ridgeston directed this scene.

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