Big Cat Freak Juice

Production year: 2019
Country: USA
Studio: GrowlBoys
Genre: Bareback, Rimming, Big Cocks, Interracial, Young Studs, Anal Sex, Oral Sex, Cumshots, Masturbation
Duration: 00:14:10
Description: Like a wild dog, Sam looked around his office, searching for the source, until he found his coworker sipping it out of a small container.

His colleague was heading into the bathroom, clearly trying to find himself a private moment to beat off while hypercharged. Sam, overcome with his withdrawal and desperation, followed him in. Sam nearly wrestled the container out of the man’s hand, feeling the man’s throbbing erection as his body pressed against his. To Sam’s dismay, he saw only a painful emptiness. Gone. It was all gone. The scent lingered on the plastic for just a moment, but Sam knew it would be gone from his nostrils before too long. Sam slumped into a stall, shocked and ashamed by his sudden and uncontrollable hunger. Meanwhile, his companion took the neighboring stall and proceeded to pleasure himself like a wild beast. At the end of the day, the two shared an awkward glance. The colleague grabbed his coat and started to head out, but then paused and turned back to Sam.

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