Bonking Berlin Bastards (Cazzo Films)

Country: Germany
Directed by: Ebo Hill
Studio: Cazzo Films
Genre: oral sex, anal sex, group sex, fisting, W., elements of CM
Length: 1:43:36
Cast: Andreas Pfister, Brian Cock, Herbert Engel, Jan Losch, Paul Man, Piss Zecke, Roberto Marcello, Steffen Leuschke, Steve Benzin, Tim Vinzent

The ultimate Punk-Trash-Porn Story and the most lavish sex flick ever filmed in Berlin. Dozens of horny performers fuck their way through the most happening locations in the city. Fist fucking on the roofs of Prenzlauer Berg. Punks fleeing dildo-wielding Drag Queens. Bizarre and chaotic orgies in Kreuzberg’s sex clubs. A coin toilet gets gets abused for water sports. Factory ruins, telephone booths, train tracks or a cemetery crypt – nothing is safe from this flipped out horde. A breathtaking ride through Berlin’s unique and unusual Queer Underground. The brilliant soundtrack by the techno pioneers from AeroX turn this humorously directed ‘ode to Berlin’ into a highlight.

A must for anyone who loves the Berlin punk and trash scene. And a Cazzo bestseller!

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