Breed Me

Production year: 1999
Country: USA
Directed by: Paul Morris
Studio: TIM
Genre: amateur, hairy, regular body, average looking body, bareback, group sex, oral, rimming, anal, cumshots, breeding, swallowing
Duration: 1:23:48
Starring: R.J. Parker and other

Description: The most popular and talked-about video in the Castro, Winter of 1999 . (The single video store that dared to rent it was threatened with picketing and political action for doing so.) Half documentary, half porn video, BREED ME opens with an intense – and anonymous – bareback sex party.
This is the real thing. Big fat cocks, hairy dicks, long shlongs all shoot load after load up the dripping hungry hole of the unbelievable and insatiable “Vulcan”. Several reviewers have called BREED ME “the most intense porn video ever made”. WARNING: THIS VIDEO IS NOT FOR EVERYONE!!!

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