Cameron Nails Travis

Genre: Anal, Oral, Bareback
Cameron showed us his wild and crazy side last week in our Unlimited update. Now he shows us his dominant and sexy side! After his first time with Rudy, he was anxious to get into more guy/guy action. And to make sure his next experience was as intense as possible, I paired him up with superstar bottom, Travis!

The thing is – Travis hasn’t bottomed in a while – so that was going to make this scene sizzle even more as Travis gets back to doing what he does best. The two guys are outside on the patio, and their quick chemistry is hotter than the morning sunshine. Cameron kisses Travis aggressively. He moves down to Travis’ chest, pushing him down so he can drive Travis crazy by kissing his nipple. Travis turns the tables on him and kisses his way down Cameron’s abs, and licks his chest and nipple. Travis kisses Cameron again. His hard cock is pressing against his shorts and Cameron says, “Time to take the monster out.” Cameron eagerly goes down on Travis’ dick. He may be new to sucking cock, but he goes to it with gusto and does a great job on Travis’ long dick. Cameron’s lost any inhibitions he had about being with a guy. He’s totally in the moment and moans appreciatively as Travis deepthroats him. “Feels fucking fantastic!” he says. It feels so fantastic, he’s ready to have Travis ride his cock instead of just sucking it! Travis climbs up on top of Cameron. It’s definitely a tight fit – but like getting back on a bicycle, Travis is able shift gears and take all of Cameron’s kickstand. Travis grinds up and down on Cameron’s cock. “Fucking fuck me!” he says. Cameron gets him on all fours and shoves his cock back inside Travis’ tight hole. Travis tells him to fuck him even harder. Cameron pounds Travis’ ass. Travis’ long dick bounces up and down as he gets fucked. He tells Cameron to lay on his back and Travis rides him in a reverse-cowboy. Travis’ big cock doesn’t stop bouncing as Cameron nails him. Sliding his dick into Travis from the side, Cameron goes in deep. Cameron kisses Travis’ foot as he fucks him. Cameron fucks a huge load out of Travis. Cum splatters all over Travis’ abs and chest. Cameron pulls out and blasts his load all the way up to Travis’s chest. The two kiss and I can’t wait to see what we can do with Cameron next!

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