Chip’s Video Studbook

Production year: 2000
Country: USA
Director: Chip Daniels
Studio: Centaur Films
Genre: Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Hunks, Muscle
Length: 2:00:30
Starring: Brock Masters, Bo Summers, Johnny Hansen, Vince Rockland, Chad Knight, Logan Reed, Kyle Brandon, KC Hart, Chad Donovan, Cole Tucker, John Ross, Kyle McKenna, Zachery Scott, Kevin Kramer, Joe Romero, JT Sloan, Sam Crockett, Shawn Justin, Alex Kincaid, Sandy Sloan, Jeff Jagger, Nick Chevalier

Description: This is the hottest video compilation available, comprising 22 guys in 11 scenes of wild uninhibited mansex, re-edited and re-mastered from Eight movies in the Centaur Collection. They’re Chip Daniels’ favorites, and soon to be yours too!
This video contains footage from “Gamemaster,” “Hot Cops,” “Hot Cops 2,” “Hot Cops 3,” “Hot Firemen,” “Hotter Than Hell,” “Marine Crucible,” and “Time Cops,” as never seen before. Better than ever!
If you buy only one Video this year, this is definitely the one to get. Chip Daniel’s “VIDEO STUDBOOK” has it all!

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