Cole Gartner Fucks Alexander Greene

Date: 2011
Country: United States
Studio: college dudes
Genre: Anal / Oral Sex, Blow Job, Rimming, Cumshots
Duration: 00:25:53
Description: Cole Gartner was very excited to be paired up with Alexander Greene. Cole and Alexander hit it off immediately, and both of these studs get rock hard from making out. When the pants come down, Alexander wraps his lips around Coles hard cock, moving his mouth up and down and making Cole pre-cum.

Cole loves the attention but is eager to get Alexanders dick wet with his own mouth. Cole deep throats Alexander several times, even going back for a kiss so that Alexander can taste his own cock on Coles tongue. Cole has other things in mind for his tongue, too, and Cole soon has Alexander bent over for a wet rim-job. Alexander, once his hole is nice and loosened up by Coles licks and fingering, asks Cole to fuck him. Cole wraps it up and slowly goes into Alexander. Before long, Cole is pounding Alexander hard, and Alexander – whose cock is rock hard as well – is moaning in pleasure. Cole flips Alexander over onto his back and continues to pound deep and long. Cole and Alexander love the fucking, and after a few minutes of hot fucking, Alexander cums all over himself. Cole pulls out and shoots a crazy stream of jizz that lands on Alexander and even goes a few feet past him! Hot Fuck! Watch Cole Gartner Fucks Alexander Greene at CollegeDudes.

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