Debt Collectors

Production year: 2015
Country: UK
Genre: Sniffing, Fingering, Masturbation, Hunks, Muscles, Uncut, Foot Fetish, Ball Gag, Cumshots, Uniform
Duration: 00:48:08
Description: Part 1 It’s a new day and high court enforcement officers are making the rounds.
Every new encounter is a thrill because they have no who they’ll find when surprising men that have been avoiding paying what they owe. First up is a buff tenant who has not paid his rent in yonks as he prefers to spend his cash on expensive technology and weightlifting training.

Meanwhile, other officers enter a business that is behind in its rent only to discover a handsome cleaner at work. Caught off-guard by the imposing officers these men must comply.
Part 2 The hapless cleaner has no what is going on, but seeing the men’s imposing uniforms he becomes totally compliant. The officers must reclaim the debt from whoever is on the premises so go about their duties stripping and valuing this young man’s body. At the same time, across town the officers strip the buff rent-avoider down to his skivvies. He’s enraged at being manhandled but fears being locked up if he does not submit. This is a prime opportunity for the officers to take advantage of their power using these men’s bodies however they wish.
Part 3 Little did David McGuire know that when he spent all those hours at the gym pumping up his body he was only increasing the value these officers can reclaim by seizing and stripping him. Equally, the startled and clueless cleaner had no his virgin anus would be prodded and fingered today to pay back the business’ debt. When confronted by officers who so assuredly lead them step by step into further debasement and sexual depravity, these men grudgingly submit to their authority until they are in so deep there is no escape.
Part 4 The cleaner grits his teeth in shock as the officers take turns ramming their way into his tight anal cavity. The uniformed boys egg each other on stretching his sphincter wider and using more fingers. Mr McGuire has had it, but he’s quickly put in his place with statements of fact about his perilous position. Now that these indebted men are stark naked the collectors are high on their power and take full advantage doing whatever filthy things they want.
Part 5 The big bulging muscleman refuses to give up any of his expensive toys, but that does not worry the debt collectors. They have unusual methods for making him pay now that he’s stark naked. Meanwhile, the beleaguered man in the office stands helplessly exposed between the two officers while they insistently jerk his todger. This documentary reveals the depraved depths to which some men will sink when they are desperate and under pressure from the authorities.
Part 6 The debt collectors deal with men who typically think of themselves as priceless – as if they are the most valuable thing in the world. It’s extremely humbling for them to be stripped bare and assessed for their street value like an object. David has been drained of his cum and he’s so ashamed that he quickly dresses to flee despite his taut torso still being sticky. The men find it especially humiliating that even after they’ve been drained of sperm they still owe more!

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