Elder Hardt and Elder Miller Behind Closed Doors

Production year: 2014
Country: USA
Studio: MormonBoyz
Genre: Anal / Oral Sex, Cumshots, Kissing, Bareback, Big Dick, Flip-Flop
Duration: 00:17:54
Description: The Mission President here has been looking to call a new AP for almost a month. Last transfers, Elder Hardt was given the explicit assignment to candidates for AP.
In our mission, the APs don’t just work with the other missionaries and members to improve conversion rates. While engaged in that important work, the APs are tasked with scouting and recruiting future leaders for The Brethren among their peers.

Charismatic and persuasive, Elder Hardt has been a star since he was a greenie. Other missionaries gravitate toward him and naturally want to emulate his example. Coupled with his persuasive nature, he was an obvious choice for AP. Last month Elder Hardt recommended Elder Miller as a potential candidate. The Mission President needed convincing that Elder Miller was the right choice. He agreed to meet with Elders Miller and Hardt at his home for an AP interview. Elder Hardt made sure the two boys arrived at the mission home a tad early when he knew the Mission President wouldn’t be home. Using his keys, he let himself in and quickly suggested that they take advantage of their alone time together in the beautiful mission home. Hardt wanted to get the most out of their time together, which was limited given that they were only together for brief periods at a time on exchanges, aka “work-overs.” Meaning they traded their respective companions for each other. But just for a day or two at most. Given the President’s instruction that Elder Hardt provide a complete performance evaluation, Elder Hardt has been taking every opportunity he can find for the two of them to get frisky. It is clear that Miller is willing to obediently submit to authority. More importantly, as a scout and recruiter for future recipients of the higher priesthood … he’s a born natural.

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