Elder Riley and Bishop Angus Inspection

Production year: 2014
Country: USA
Studio: MormonBoyz
Genre: Anal Sex, Cumshots, Kissing, Older / Young, Bareback, Big Dick
Duration: 00:15:34
Description: Bishop Angus inspects every inch of cute little Elder Riley. Before Elder Riley could be ordained, he was thoroughly inspected by Bishop Angus. He has been an excellent missionary, has served and loved his companion, and has obeyed every instruction given to him by his priesthood leaders. Bishop Angus knows that he’s also a beautiful boy with a hot body and a hungry hole. He’s the perfect candidate for the secret order.

But before he can be accepted, he must be thoroughly inspected to ensure that he is worthy of the privilege. Inspecting the young missionaries is one of Bishop Angus’s favorite tasks. He loves looking over the naked Mormon boys and groping their dicks and probing their assholes. Elder Riley shows up at the mission home feeling a mixture of anxiety and excitement. He’s not sure what the inspection will involve, but he really hopes he’ll get a taste of the bishop’s thick cock. When he’s called for, he slinks into the room, eyes down. Without making small talk, the bishop tells the boy to take his clothes off. A little nervous, Elder Riley takes his time unbuttoning his shrirt. When the boy clumsily fumbles with his belt, the bishop impatiently stands up and takes over. “Let me help you,” he says. Elder Riley thought the bishop would be more friendly, but the boy can see that he is taking the inspection very seriously. He stands still as Bishop Angus removes his shirt and pants, running his big hands all over his body. The tension is already making the boy hard. The outline of his stiffening dick is clearly visible through his garments. As Bishop Angus strips himself, the missionary shyly puts his hands on the older man’s hairy chest, trying to get a smile out of him. When the bishop’s pants come off, the boy can see his huge dick flopping around in his garments. He wants to touch, but thinks he should wait until the bishop tells him to. Now that they’re both stripped to their sacred underwear, the bishop pulls the boy in and gives him a hard kiss on the lips. Elder Riley puts his hands on the bishop’s chest, as the bishop grabs his round ass and squeezes. They kiss gently, the bishop paying a lot of attention to the boy’s butt. His own dick gets hard. He strokes it. Elder Riley can not take his eyes off it. The bishop flips him around and presses his dick against the boy’s ass, then bends him over and simulates fucking him, rubbing that big dick against the boy’s butt through their garments. Elder Riley likes being teased, but this is almost torture. His ass is screaming for Bishop Angus’s cock.

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