Elder Stewart Priesthood Prep Part 2

Production year: 2015
Country: USA
Studio: MormonBoyz
Genre: Anal Sex, Big Dick, Hunks, Twinks, Masturbation, Cumshots, Toys
Duration: 00:11:38
Description: Stripped naked in a dark room, surrounded by his priesthood leaders, Elder Stewart has made his way down the priesthood stretcher, sliding his tight asshole down on first one and then another dildo all the way down the bench. The dildos get bigger as they go, and Elder Stewart was not sure he’d make it as far as he has. The second to last dildo was so big he thought it would split him in half.

But the leaders want him to go down on the last dildo too, a fat butt plug thicker than his arm. It’s so big that most missionaries never manage to sit on it. Just looking at it makes Elder Stewart’s butt ache. But he knows he has to try if he hopes to be initiated. And his butt is wet and so just maybe he can do it. He puts a hand on the huge knob and oils it up. He slowly lowers his ass to it. The tip of the plug slides into his hole and he presses down an inch or so. The plug spreads his hole wide. He grunts, trying to get past the fattest part, eager to please the men watching him. But it’s just too big. He wonders how he’ll be punished for failing to make it all the way down the priesthood stretcher. He’s instructed to stand before the brethren. Naked, sweaty and dripping lube, he stands in front of the group of men in suits. “Elder, you have been prepared to receive the priesthood. Bend over the priesthood stretcher. “With a shiver, Elder Stewart goes to the stretcher and bends over. His ass sticks up high in the air. He’s shivering from nervousness. The air is actually hot and rank with the smell of sex. And as he imagines what the men are going to do to his body, his dick gets really hard. One of the masked men comes up behind him, pulls him back against his chest and strokes his dick. Elder Stewart leans back into him, letting him have his way. He reaches back and feels that the man has pulled his huge dick out through his zipper. The man pushes him over and sets his cock on his back. Elder Stewart reaches back and starts to stroke it. The other men have pulled their dicks out too and are stroking. The man groping Elder Stewart starts to slide his massive back against the boy’s hole. Elder Stewart is nice and stretched out, but even so he gasps as the man pushes a sizeable dick into his ass. Slowly, inch by inch, pushing its way in. He’s not sure he can take it. When it’s finally all the way in, he can almost feel it in his throat. He clutches one of the dildos, closes his eyes, and tries to The man starts to thrust gently, opening the boy up for a good pounding. He lifts the boy back up to him, and the boy feels the dick pressing against his sweet spot.

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