Fuck Patrol

Year: 2008
Genre: Anal Sex, Big Cocks, Big Loads, Collegiates, Oral Sex, Rimming, Smooth Dudes, Uncut Cock, Young
Length: 1:24:33
Cast: Brock Devonshire, Billy Forrest, Chris Brady, Ben Slater, Ben Taylor, James Alexander, Darian Hawke, Sherman Ash, Jacen Maxence, Tom Schwarz, James Grant, Ryan Morgan, Tarek Saiss, Pascal Bruno, Troy Bolton, Kallum Ash
Description: Indulging in everyone’s fantasy about being fucked hard by a man in uniform, this DVD gives you everything you could ever dream of, the horny DreamBoy studio has collated 5 of the best uniformed scenes just for you!
Scene One: Asking an army truck for directions leads the two stars straight into an army barracks full of horny soldiers!! Stripping off for a quick inspection by the tough sergeant, the men in uniform quickly follow as Ryan and Ben are pushed back and forced to take stiff dick!! This exceptional initiation is awesome, Ben getting fucked hard by the hairy and muscular Brock, pumping his meat into his hole while next to them, the twinky Ryan is slammed by a fellow officer. Overseen by yet another solider, this orgy ends up sweaty and cum covered, just how these two boys like it!!
Scene Two: This Fuzz person also happens to be quite a juice boy! Both Spike and Fuzz make their way to the Clone Zone shop and Fuzz decides to do some stealing, they both get caught by the alarm in the shop. They get taken into the back of the shop by the shop assistant, a policeman then arrives, and he’s a blonde tall bloke. The policeman checks out both Spike and Fuzz taking their clothing off while the cute dark haired shop assistant watches in cute boy amazement. Anyway it’s not long before they are sucking and shagging each other senseless. After a while spunk just pours out of Fuzz’s cock after he pulls it out of the policeman’s butt hole, it pours out like water out of a tap. The rest eventually follow with their gonad cream. But to polish off one randy as fuck scene the cute shop boy shoots his cock juice right into Fuzz’s mouth, Fuzz just eats every drop off this cute boys jizz juice, he deep throats on him as much as possible making for quite a cum in the mouth moment. Cute boy smiles like fuck (well wouldn’t you)!
Scene Three: Private Grant tells fellow recruit Andre just why he joined the army, and it’s one hell of a sexy tale!! Sneaking up to a couple of frisky soldiers, he spies on them enjoying each others smooth young bodies as they slowly remove their uniform, working down the toned abs to their huge proud dicks. Sucking softly, they are only making way for the real hard ass ploughing they are about to enjoy. Dark haired Tom pushes the blonde twink Jacen to his knees as he pushes his thick dick past the smooth butt cheeks, and deep into his tight young hole. Grinding hard and fast, the cum flies from both throbbing shafts in a spunk explosion to rival the army’s ammo!! James joins in the cum session by dumping his load after watching these two lads work each other like pro’s!!
Scene Four: Taken away for suspected burglary, cute young Ryan is interrogated in the cell by the French police. Scared and willing to do anything to so-operate, the dicks begin to twitch beneath the police uniform, and Ryan is soon subjected to cock throbbingly horny spit roast, being ploughed full of Gallic dick from both end, his fuck session will certainly teach this young fucker to never break the law again, or will it? If he gets punished like this all the time, he’ll soon become a serial offender, wishing to be splattered with spunk every time!! Scene Five: LegionBoy – Hard ass pounding action on the balcony!! Troy deep throats his mate Kallum in such a great way you’ll be rock hard in seconds. His thick cock slides down his tight throat without even a gag and throbs in his neck as it gets even harder!! The ass fucking here is the hardest pounding any smooth young twink could take, and Troy takes it like the cock hungry hottie he is. Wanting every last inch of Kallum’s cock inside him and the amount of spunk he shoots soaks his back and then shares it in a kiss, fucking horny!!

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