Production year: 2011
Country: USA
Genre: Kissing, Oral Sex, Cumshot, Anal Sex, Masturbation
Length: 00:17:47
Description: New freshman Gavin seemed shy when he first got to the shoot. But I could tell there was something in him that wanted to show off what he could do. And I knew just the guy to get it out of him – Rudy! Rudy is pretty soft-spoken. But he definitely has an enthusiasm for sex that we’re only beginning to see!

He’s told me some stories – so we’ll see what we can bring to the camera. I had him and Gavin head out to the pool. But Rudy and Gavin never made it to the water! They don’t waste anytime once they’re outside – and start making out immediately! Rudy takes Gavin’s shorts off and massages his cock through his underwear. He pulls it out and sucks hard on Gavin’s big dick. His head bobs up and down on that long shaft, and Gavin watches intently. Rudy strokes his own hot cock as he blows Gavin and sucks on his nuts. Gavin bends over and sucks Rudy. That makes Rudy more than ready to get pounded! Rudy gets on all fours and Gavin slides his dick into Rudy’s tight hole. Rudy says “Oh, your dick’s so big!” Gavin drives it in further, making Rudy moan and gasp even harder. “Yeah, fuck me!” He says. Gavin slams into him at an angle. Gavin is focused on that hot ass. Rudy flips over onto his back and Gavin shoves it back in. “You like that?” He asks Gavin. Obviously! Rudy’s body shivers with every thrust, so Gavin is definitely hitting his buttons as well. Rudy gets on his side and moans even louder. Gavin holds Rudy’s leg up and pounds away. “It feels so good … so big …” Rudy says. He strokes his cock harder. Gavin fucks a nice load out of Rudy’s cock. It sprays all over his abs and his cock. Gavin pulls out and blasts his cum onto Rudy’s chest. Now they really need to hit the pool!

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