Inches Away

Production year: 1995
Country: USA
Genre: Anal / Oral Sex, Rimming
Length: 1:08:35
Studio: Falcon studios – Mustang video
Starring: Troy Masters, Chris Dano, Jordan Young, Jesse Skyler, Mike Nichols,
Adam Wilde, Joey Carr, Tony Brocco, Raian Mahh.
Age of actors: 20-35

Description: 90 – th .. Yes, it was time .. While the gay porn brought exclusively in smuggling, the risk of being unmasked valiant Soviet border guards, and it was possible and under nehoroshey thunder ..
Going to a proven company in the happy owner of a VCR Electronics, and began the most interesting … This film, from the legendary already at that time the studio Falcon. In one word – gay video.

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