Iron Works

Production year: 2003
Country: USA
Studio : Mustang Studios
Director: Kristofer Weston
Genre: Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Muscle Men, Trio, Big Dick, Blow Job, Rimming
Length: 1:10:28
Cast: Marcus Iron, Jason Tyler, Dick James, Filippo Romano, Jake Gianelli, Joshua Adams, Ken Houser, Paul Johnson, Zackary Pierce

The men of Iron Works Printing deliver a hard copy of exactly the erotic layout you’re looking for. These hot expanded are built to make an impression and always ready for action. Marcus Iron keeps the presses hot while erotic hopeful Dick James, beefy delivery man Jake Gianelli and inimitable Falcon Exclusive Jason Tyler (as the publisher) work their way into the affections and embraces of this impressive crew of and pressmen. Iron Works spills forth with all the elements of one sultry manuscript of man to man action. If you’ve got the body, the men of Iron Works have your. Press Manager Marcus Iron heats up as he thumbs through an erotic text due for press. Lost in lusty meditation, Marcus pulls muscled employee Joshua Adams into his sexual reverie. The powerful session of sucking, ass-play, and fucking which follows gives new meaning to the term “daydream.”
Pressmen Filippo Romano and Paul Johnson are hard at work servicing their own stiff tools when beefy delivery man Jake Gianelli stumbles onto their encounter. Eager to lend a hand and get in on the action, Jake strips down and settles in for a steamy three-way encounter that leaves these three studs sticky and spent, but thoroughly satisfied.
Jason Tyler, the publishing representative, is definitely not satisfied with the latest hard proof – and pleasing him will be quite a feat. But buffed Iron Works supervisor Ken Houser knows how to convince him that the men of Iron Works are always accommodating. With the help of pressman Zachary Pierce, Ken gets Jason off his dictatorial pedestal and into the middle of a hard-pounding three-way. When Ken and Zachary have completed their fleshy persuasion, each man is entirely satisfied with the work in progress and Jason departs – eager for his next inspection. Author Dick James stops by to check on the progress of his manuscript. Head man Marcus Iron finds it difficult to contain his enthusiasm for Dick’s work and eagerly enjoins the tight, toned writer in a smoldering collaboration of sexual prowess and erotic abandon.

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