Year: 2012
Country: Canada
Studio: Youlovejack
Genre: Oral sex, Big Dick, Twinks, Studs, Masturbation, Cumshots, 720p
Time: 00:15:33
Description: Chance took one look at Jack’s solo and knew he had to have that cute little twinks rock hard cock down his talented throat.
We made a couple of calls and the rest is history!

Chance takes his time worshipping Jack’s sturdy 6 inch cock as he lovingly licks and kisses his perfect cock head. He works Jack’s cock like a pro and is rewarded with a mouthful of delicious twink cum delivered fresh from the tap! He gobbles up every last drop then stands up and kisses Jack with his cum still dripping off his tongue! Jack and Chance are making out on the couch but Chance can’t wait to get into Jack’s sweat pants. He dives on his buddy’s rock hard cock and slobbers all over the dick head before swallowing his cock all the way to the balls. He devours his buddy’s shaft before pulling up and kissing his swollen cock head.Jack moans quietly as he gently pushes Chance’s head back down on his cock. Guiding his buddy back and forth and he shows him how he likes to get head. Chance is more than willing to comply and redoubles his efforts as he works that shaft for all he’s worth.Jack pulls his head off his glistening cock and guides their mouths together as they swap spit in a passionate flood of French kisses. Jack is no slouch in the cock sucking department either and he quickly leans down and takes Chance’s fat cock in his mouth. Chance freezes as the overwhelming pleasure of hot spit on cock skin takes control and he’s lost to the sensation! Jack works his fat cock like a suckling piglet as he shows his appreciation for Chance’s own talented cock sucking. Glancing up at his buddy for approval as he swirls his tongue around the head and shaft of Chance’s rock hard cock. These two are totally into each other and their chemistry burns off the screen. Fucking hot! Chance pulls Jack off his cock then tears his sweat pants off before diving back on his cock. The camera comes in for an amazing close-up as he bobs his head back and forth on his buddy’s rock hard cock. Slobbering all over the shaft and leaving the head glistening with spit as he does his job and brings his buddy closer and closer to the edge.Jack turns the table again and dives back on Chance’s cock and this time he’s not stopping until his buddy nuts! He locks his lips around the shaft and works his tongue back and forth Chance’s swollen cock head. Chacnce’s head falls back on the couch as he’s overwhelmed by his buddy’s efforts. This isn’t going to take long! His moans grow as he breath comes in gasps and it’s clear that Jack’s talented tongue is doing the right thing. Chance freezes and grabs his buddy’s head as he whispers “I’m coming, I’m gonna cum!” Jack keeps his mouth locked around his buddy’s cock as Chance unloads a laod of cum directly into Jack’s mouth. His cock throbs as each jet of cum spurts out of his cock and directly into Jack’s hungry mouth. Straight from the tap! Jack pops up and kisses Chance as the pass that load back and forth between their mouths. The camera is right there to capture the swirly white goo as is leaves one mouth and enters the other. Glorious strands of jizz connecting their mouths as they both take a breath then dive back for more cum filled kisses. Snowball heaven! Chance grabs a seat on the couch as Jack stands in front of him and guides his longing cock into Chance’s eager mouth. Chance wants that load in his mouth now and he concentrates his years of cock sucking skills into two incredible minutes of blow job mastery. Bringing Jack closer and closer to the edge before Jack can’t take it anymore and finally gasps “I’m about to cum!” Chance is ready ad opens wide as stream after stream of horny twink jizz flies out of Jack’s cock and coats his tongue with the creamy white goo he’s craving. It’s a huge load and you can head the excess slapping on the floor as Chance gobbles up as much as he can and swallows it down. Fucking beautiful display! He takes a second to catch his breath then sees one more big glob of cum still hanging from Jacks cock. He reaches down and licks it up with a big wide tongue before standing up and kissing Jack square on the mouth. Letting his buddy taste his own load as they pass that load back and forth between their mouths.The circle of cum is complete and these twinks are spent! All of our homemade gay sex action videos are presented with NO DRM and they’ll play on your iPhone so you can enjoy them anytime and anywhere!

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