Date: 2011
Country: United States
Studio: Corbin Fisher
Genre: Anal / Oral Sex, First time, Blow Job, Cumshots
Duration: 00:26:21
Description: Cute and fuzzy Jackson gets topped by blond bodybuilder Kent! Jackson has garnered a lot of fans since he first appeared on the site. He’s cute, has gorgeous eyes and a quick wit. He can Kent talk about what Jackson can expect for his first time bottoming. And of course, Kent will take good care of him! The guys kiss.

Jackson takes his time enjoying Kent’s muscular torso. Jackson lies back so Kent can rub his cock an balls inside his jeans. Kent pulls Jackson’s jeans off and strokes Jackson’s dick. Kent goes down on Jackson, swallowing his cock. Jackson rubs Kent’s back as Kent blows him. Kent pulls out his stiff dick so Jackson can suck him. Jackson wraps his lips around Kent’s thick cock and sucks him. Kent strokes Jackson’s dick as he gets sucked. Kent jerks their cocks together and rubs his cock against Jackson’s furry crotch. Kent licks Jackson’s shaft and goes down on him again. Kent dive face first into ckson’s fuzzy ass. He eats Jackson out, burying his tongue deep into Jackson’s hole. Kent jerks their cocks together again.The guys kiss. Kent fingers Jackson’s hole, getting it ready for his cock. Kent jokes that Jackson will need a lot of lube, so he gets Jackson nicely lubed up. He strokes Jackson ‘cock as he slides his finger in and out of Jackson’s ass. Kent sucks Jackson again as he fingers him. Jackson’s dick is rock hard as Kent slides his cock in. He moans loudly, and his beautiful eyes open wide, but his dick never goes down. “How’s that virgin ass feel?” He asks Kent. Kent says it feels unbelievable.Jackson rubs his own chest and strokes his cock. Kent pounds him a little faster, now that he knows Jackson can take it. Kent pushes Jackson’s knees over his shoulders and slides every inch of his cock into Jackson’s ass. Kent likes going into virgin territory! He’s taking his time and going slow, but extremely deep. From the sound of things, Jackson’s liking it too! Kent slides Jackson back to the center of the bed and shoves his dick back in. Jackson jerks his cock. He shoots a thick load onto his furry stomach, a load that just seems to keep coming. Kent comes at the same time inside Jackson! Kent pulls out the rubber to show Jackson his load. “I’ve never done that before!” Kent says. Afterwards, the guys sit in the gym and talk candidly about Jackson’s first time, and what it’s like having sex with each other after they’ve been hanging out at the shoot for a while. Then Kent shows some Jackson a pretty cool ass exercise. You can always learn something at Corbin Fisher!

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