Jackson Lawless and Alexsander Freitas in Home Invasion

Year: 2012
Country: UK
Studio: ManHandled
Genre: Anal, Drool, Drooling, Gagging, Kissing, Oral, Rough Sex, Muscle
Time: 00:32:26
Description: It was supposed to be a simple smash and grab. Jackson Lawless had done it a dozen times before. Okay, so maybe not a dozen, but enough. Break in, find the guy sleeping, tie him up in his bed and smack him around a little while Jackson robbed him blind …. they were always too embarrassed to call the cops and report him after he left.

Only problem was he hadn’t counted on this particular asshole being such a light fucking sleeper. Or you know, psycho nutjob. One moment, Jackson was leaning over him on the bed, slipping a rope around one wrist and somehow ten seconds later he was being crushed under.

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